Meet your skin expert: Cristina

Cristina Lobato, Medical Laser Technician

Cristina is the proud owner and lead esthetician at RenewSelf Medspa in Oakville, Ontario. Before she started her skincare business, Cristina worked as an accountant for over fifteen years. Although she found meaning in her work, she could not help but feel as though she had another calling. 

She thought deeply about herself and what she loved to do - help transform the lives of others. Her appreciation for beauty drew her towards esthetics, and after she had fully renewed her approach towards life, she made the leap and switched paths to pursue what she was passionate about.

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Clear, radiant skin does not happen overnight...

And there is certainly no one-size-fits-all approach to skincare. At RenewSelf, we strive to provide clients with a range of the most effective skin treatments and products available. All of our treatment plans are customized specifically to the individual and their particular skin needs.

We don't just follow the latest skincare trends, we take the time to help diagnose underlying skincare issues to treat the condition - not mask the problem. We will never sell you a product or treatment that won't directly support your skincare goals. 

Treatments which will be part of your 90-day skin transformation include: 

- State of the art Optic Slim Skin Analysis

- Medical Grade Facials.

- Microneedling & Chemical Peels

- Environ Skin Care Products  

Chat with us to learn how we can help transform your complexion and restore skin health in 90 days.

→ Hyperpigmentation
→ Loose Skin

→ Oversized Pores
→ Scarring
→ Sun Damage
→ Wrinkles

→ Acne
→ Aging Skin
→ Crow’s Feet
→ Dark spot
→ Dull Skin
→ Fine Lines
→ Frown Lines

In just 90 days, we can help you reveal a more confident, renewed version of yourself through holistic skincare approaches.

Real beauty, real results.

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The skincare industry can be overwhelming.

But we're here to help. First, we'll do an in-depth consultation to determine your skin type, identify problem areas, and map out your skincare goals. 

From there, we determine the best treatment plan that fits within your budget and lifestyle. No gimmicks or unnecessary, pricey products. Just an honest regimen that will give you the best results possible.

Our Candid Approach to Skin.

In just 90 days, we can help you address:

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Tired of jumping around from treatment to treatment without ever getting the results you want?

Have you ever felt like every spa you went too was offering you something new and different? Are you tired of… 

  • Hearing promises of "real results" without ever getting the outcome you are wishing for

  • Trying out the hottest and newest skincare treatment, only to realize it was a worthless fad?

  • Spending way to much money on one-off treatments that don't deliver results? 

If you’ve felt like this, keep on reading...

Incredible  customer service and products.  I highly recommend this spa.  

It was the only place that had my favorite cream.

Here's my promise to you at Renew Self Medspa:

  • You’ll get my honest opinion on what is possible with regards to your beauty goals.
  • I will not apply a standardized approach to skin & beauty.
  • It will be the last time you worry about how your results will turn out.

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Tuesday - Saturday 

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Joy F. (Google Review)

Working with Cristina is always a pleasure.  She took the time to address a lot of my skin concerns & recommended the right products.  You will always get an honest opinion from her.  I trust her fully! 

Eric M. (Google Review)

I stopped by to visit Cristina recently while in town for a business trip. The customer service, professionalism, and welcoming environment was unlike any medspa I have ever been to! She was able to recommend specific products designed to address my skin concerns and kindly explained the reasoning behind every single one of her suggestions. At no point did I feel like she offering a product to simply make a sale... she was honest and upfront from the start.  

Elyssa D. (Google Review)